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Isaiah Saldivar

In the Fall of 2017 and 2018 Lifespring was blessed by the Ministry of Isaiah Saldivar and Ben Lucero. Isaiah resides in Manteca, Ca. with his beautiful wife Alyssa Saldivar, where they are both enrolled in Bible College and committed to full-time ministry. Isaiah spends the weekdays preaching at his home ministry and equipping his team of 80 individuals, however during the weekends he is busy traveling throughout the United States and in Canada preaching the gospel.
Isaiah’s spiritual covering is Pastor Ben Lucero.  Also during his brief time in ministry, Isaiah has had the privilege of preaching alongside several exceptional men and women of the faith. For example, Isaiah has preached with Reinhard Bonnke, Rick Joyner, Bob Jones, Forrest Beiser, Dutch Sheets, Mark Casto, Anne Giminez, John Blanchard, Steve Gray, Lou Engle, Kris Valloton, Graham Cooke, Samuel Rodriguez, Wellington Boone, Pat Shatzline, Mario Murillo, Eddie James, Del Augusta and Sean Smith. Isaiah is humbled and honored to preach with conviction and passion the truth that God so faithfully reveals to him in prayer and through His unchanging Word.

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