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Lifespring Community Church had miraculous beginnings. Pastor Julian Griner, after serving the First Baptist Church of Moultrie for nine years followed a call to “Build a Spring.” Having no idea what that meant, he resigned to pursue that new direction. In 2000, while serving as Interim, and later, Pastor of Hopewell Baptist Church of Moultrie, Pastor Griner was asked if he was going to start a new Church. His response was “No, but someday, someone will give land to start a new work and I will know it is time.” He had no idea how prophetic that statement would be as a few months later, Lavon and Beth Stripling would give the land totaling 38.6 acres to start the new work. The land was given in November, 2000 and Lifespring Community Church was formed holding its first service at a storefront in the Sunset Plaza Shopping Center on January 7, 2001. The new Church received a loan from Ameris Bank and constructed the Worship Center on the land that had been given by Lavon and Beth Stripling. On September 30, 2001 Lifespring Community Church held its first service in its new Sanctuary on the donated land.

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