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In Loving Memory

The Robert Castille Story.

Robert Castille was one of the early Elders at Lifespring Community Church. He was a faithful and generous man who had a deep love for the Lord and for the Church. Robert was married to Mildred Jeanette Saunders for 37 years and they had three daughters, Kathy, Sandy, and Michelle and a son Bob. Jeanette went home to be with the Lord in June, 1997. Later, Robert would meet and marry Linda Truett which brought him to Moultrie. He was a devoted husband to Linda until his passing in September, 2010. Linda’s daughter, Amy, her husband, David, and their two daughters, Daley and Denim enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Robert throughout his time with them. Linda would follow Robert home to be with the Lord in April, 2017.
In his career, Robert served in the Army retiring after more than 20 years and then had another distinguished career in civil service with the Criminal Investigative Division of the Army. Pastor Julian Griner met Robert at Hopewell Baptist Church where he served as Pastor prior to the founding of Lifespring Community Church. Robert became a part of the birth of Lifespring in 2001. In June 2004, Robert accompanied Dr. David Adcock and Pastor Julian Griner to The Dream Center in Los Angeles, California. This phenomenal Church was known to have more than 200 Ministries operating under its covering. The inspiration derived from that trip contributed to the construction of The Wellspring House for Women in early 2005.
Robert was a wood craftsman who built the current pulpit as well as a beautiful Rod and Staff that have been featured in worship across the years. Cruising the backroads on his motorcycle, Robert would often stop by the Church at all hours just to make sure the building was secure. It was Robert Castille, a man who gave 20% of his income to the Lord, who led the move to bless a visiting Evangelist with the entire weekend’s offering of $10,000. His faith to sow that level of seed resulted in a miraculous harvest that appeared one month later when a couple not affiliated with our Church visited at a Wednesday Night Service and presented Pastor Julian Griner with a check for $20,000.
On January 18, 2008 Robert had the following vision which he submitted to the Church in writing: “From 2:45am to 5:00am I was awake, praying in the Spirit. I began having a vision, as if I were seeing events through someone else’s eyes. The vision began from what appeared to be on a porch on a house on Sardis Church Road. Looking across Spence Field there was a brilliant light coming from the direction of Lifespring Community Church. The person seeing this light thought there was a fire. The person traveled to Lifespring and as they approached the Church they noted that all the grassy area and the parking lot was full of vehicles. Some of the vehicles were ambulances, some were Colquitt County Transit buses, and an unknown amount of private vehicles. Upon entering the grounds it was noted there was a processional line going into the Church. There were individuals in wheelchairs, with crutches, canes, and walkers. Upon entering the Church, there was a brilliant light shining in front of the altar that was as ending toward the heavenlies. It was noted that individuals in wheelchairs, on walkers, crutches...basically everyone was in line proceeding through this light. One could hear a soft voice saying “Come.” Looking at the the right...there was a large number of empty wheelchairs. Looking toward the center-right of the platform, there was a pile of hearing aids. Looking to the left-center, there was a pile of walking sticks used by the blind. Looking to the left side there was a stack of walkers, crutches, and canes. All needs were being met for those who would step out in faith and would come and receive what God had for them. The body must remain in unity to believe this will happen and when it happens, we must respond accordingly.”


In 2010, Robert fought a tough battle with cancer. Prayers went up but his condition steadily declined. One of our Elders, David Moncrief, recommended that we get Robert to a powerful Revival going on in Mobile, Alabama featuring Evangelist Nathan Morris. Given Robert’s weakened condition a long road trip was out of the question. Jerry Frazier volunteered his plane and pilot to fly Robert to Mobile. David Moncrief and Alan Morris made the flight with Robert. At the Moultrie Airport, Robert was so weak, it took three men to lift Him up and get him into the plane. Meanwhile, an advance team drove over earlier to the Mobile Airport to meet Robert upon his arrival and transport him to an area Hotel to rest prior to the Service at The Mobile Convention Center. It was Thursday, September 16, 2010. That evening, the Team transported Robert to the Convention Center. We entered the arena with Robert in a wheelchair. During the Worship, Robert stood up. Later, during a altar call by Nathan Morris, Robert walked to the line for prayer. Although far back in the line, he was summoned to come up on the stage by the Evangelist. Nathan Morris laid hands on Robert praying for healing. The Power of God manifested and a Miracle happened. That night, Robert pushed his wheelchair out of the arena. There was no evidence of the weakness and sickness that afflicted him earlier. We all went to Denny’s for a late supper. The next day, Robert climbed up on the wing of the airplane without any assistance and waved at all of us watching in amazement at the transformation. They took off and flew home to Moultrie. Ironically, in a strange and unexpected twist to this Miracle, Robert would go home to be with the Lord on September 28, 2010. Two weeks after the Miracle in Mobile, we had Robert’s funeral at Lifespring Community Church. We will never understand why this powerful story took this turn but we will always celebrate the contribution that Robert Castille made to the Lifespring Community Church and to the greater Kingdom of God.

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