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Acts 2:17-18 ESV 

“‘And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams; even on my male servants and female servants in those days I will pour out my Spirit, and they shall prophesy.




Have you ever argued and thought at that moment in time what you argued with another for made perfect sense? Until the argument got way beyond its limit and you had to leave it. While driving down the road the good Lord reveals to you that you only argued back and used the words you did to watch your words cut them through. The same way they did you! Has he ever revealed to you that arguing with another only inflicts more pain than is worthy? It doesn't just hurt them. It hurts you to! In a moment of weakness you allowed your hurt and pain to once again bring not only you but others down again! Now your feeling shame and regret for even opening your mouth the way you did! Knowing you did not call on Jesus to help you through is the reason the argument became way out of your league and you had to leave! Am I the only one running a grander race? A race to overcome my past mistakes and gladly embrace my destiny? Am I the only one who sometimes forget who I truely am and allow anger and hurt to take its stand? The Bible says God is our Father and Jesus is our King and all of us are his children. Why are we not walking like we know we are princess and princes? Why are we not talking as though we've inherited a kingdom?

I saw a rose. The bloom wasn't the bloom I had expected to see. It was having a hard time balancing on the stem. I heard. Your life has had many thorns along the way. The bloom you expected to have at this point in your life is yet another thorn. Your life even today is like a balancing act. Having a hard time just trying to keep everything afloat . I am alive. I am real. You have trusted in yourself and your own ability. You even give yourself the credit for your present success. I see these things crumbling to the ground. You have come to the end of yourself. The struggle increases. I say give it over to me. Trust in me. All will not be lost. The peace you will attain will be worth more than all the gold in the earth. I am eternal. This world and all its goods are passing away. I have made you to be a giver. To attain wealth to give. It's in your heart already. It's what's missing. When you give its fulfilling . Draw near to me at this time. I will strengthen you to stand. In me you will have peace. In This World You Will have tribulation. Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world Insecure. When you trust in someone or something that is unstable or undependable. This makes you insecure. You have even tried to trust God and believe he has failed. You never knew me says the lord. You never took the time to spend with me to know me. To know how I work and deliver. If only you would have waited on me you would have seen my salvation . All is not lost. I will restore. The things that are broken can be mended. Relationships can be repaired. Let your hearts be healed. Know me. I will never fail.

Pastor Jim Robison

I felt a word stirring in my spirit. Then I could see Jesus standing on a mountain peak before God. The sky was ripped open and the glory of God shown forth and it looked like you could see into another realm. Jesus clothes became bright and somehow I knew He was communing with the Father. He was receiving all that was needed for all that was next. Then the scene changed and I could see one of those white dandelions in full bloom on a mountain. Then it was as if The Lord blew on it and The Spirit carried the spores each to its intended destination and areas of influence. Then I knew that just as Jesus gathered before the Father for communion and instruction so must the body gather to commune with God as a whole. To be in its natural spiritual state as it gathers in the Name of Jesus. The body assembling together is a spiritual exercise. I felt also that many have been sent but have a hard time producing fruit because of life situations and business. They have too much on their plate and have a hard time focusing on God. They are missing their calling because they let life run their life and don't have time to commune with God.

Pastor Jim Robison

Jim Robison received this Word from the Lord:

Friday morning God told me that people have a big problem with no. Because they are afraid to say no. Some have even lost the ability to say no. They get themselves into bad situations or places they wouldn't normally be. Their lives get put on hold.
It's rooted in fear of man or fear of failure
Many go back to their old lives because they won't simply say no.
They give into temptations that lead them back into captivity by the devil.
Into strongholds that extinguish their future of promise And hope.
The very lives that I have set apart for them since I made them in hope and love.
The future of prosperity and salvation is a gift from my heart to the ones I love. 
These people are unstable and have no root in themselves and change with every wind of doctrine.
I say to you. Know the truth. Be firmly rooted and grounded in my love. My love for you will never fail.
This is the first day of many to come. I will show salvation and deliverence to all who come to me.
Learn to say no to your past. It has molded and shaped your lives.
Become the new man with me. All things are possible to those who believe in me.
Behold. I show you new things and new ways that never fade away. My ways never fail. They will remain forever.
My love never fails

Last couple of weeks He kept putting Isaiah on my heart and kept seeing different scriptures from Isaiah. This morning He did it again so I decided to read it. When I first started reading Isaiah awhile back I stopped at Isaiah 1:6 because I didn’t understand it but today I decided to read further and it was like the light came on. I continued to read till I got to vs 20. And this is what He gave me... People do all these sinful and disrespectful things but want to come in my house and think I don’t know what they’ve done or doing. You party and be hell out through the week and then want to bring me offerings and want me to accept it. Nothing has changed, you are just as evil and sinful before you came into my house. You haven’t listened to a word I’ve said and haven’t changed your ways. Therefore, I will not accept your prayers nor your offerings until you repent and change your wicked ways and ask for my forgiveness and invite me in. Then the next revelation came, He told me to go back to vs 5-6 and gave me this word... What good is there to keep punishing you when all you do is continue to disobey me. You are already sick and aching with pain but it’s not just physical pain. It’s spiritual and emotional pain. From the top to the bottom, you are hurting everywhere but yet you are so blind that you can’t see that you are causing your own pain. When will you learn? What is it going to take for you to open your eye and see.? Turn from your wicked ways and stop fighting me. You wont win. Repent and come to me. Ask forgiveness and come to me. Forgive and come to me. Psalm 51 REPENT NOW

Adrienne Molden

I have been feeling that God has been saying that many live a life of defense just trying to hold their position in life. That God wants us all to move more offensively

(Rev.Jim Robison)

If all you see and recognize are bad things going on and happening to you that make you uncomfortable you may still be in bondage. Under the hard task master. When we experience true freedom in Jesus. We can see the goodness of life and thanksgiving starts to grow in our hearts. Hope is then free to flourish. And hope doesn't dissappoint. Because the God of Hope is fully capable of salvation You are special because there is only one of you You cannot be replaced Since the beginning of time God desired to be with you in this time and hour A fulfilling life of adventure and excitement. Where miracles are real and hope is free to thrive. Thru faith we have the blessed hope of salvation in its entirety. Complete with a savior who knows the end from the beginning. And we have been given the Spirit of our God who ensures and guides us to the day that has been long awaited for. Neh 9 10. Don't produce the wrong fruit Walk in the Spirit and you will abstain from the lusts of the flesh. The bible is the word of God. It is spiritual food indeed. Believers today don't have any spiritual strength because they aren't feeding their spirits. Their spirits are feeble and weak and aren't able to cultivate the things needed to cope with life in this world. Their hearts can't cultivate faith and hope. So they aren't able to produce thanksgiving to come before God and remain in bitterness which is the result of bondage to sin.

(Rev.Jim Robison)

My children. I have loved you with and everlasting love. I have called you to be with me and walk with me even from your mother's womb for such a time as this . The days of the birthpangs are upon you. I will shake what ever can be shaken. I will not only shake the earth but the heavens also. Many have been asleep and waiting but they will soon be moved . Some for good and others for destruction. I have Called my true church. My beloved. To speak. To reach out. To know the signs of the times. The time is at hand. The day approaches. Become who I called you to be. Rise up. Put aside petty differences and rise up. The dark is getting even more dark. The true light will shine forth like the noon day sun. Shine. Those who choose to remain in darkness will die in that darkness. Let him who is filthy be filthy still. I have many babes and orphans in the earth that lack and hunger. Join the cause. The need for heaven is all around you. Give my cause the importance due. Behold. I will come in the clouds and every eye will see me. Even those who pierced. Be ready. Keep your lamps full. Do the work that I have called you to. At midnight the door will close. The hour is near.

(Scott Adams)

God has been dealing with me through visions. I believe so I can see things the way He see it or so that I can better understand the message. He showed me a mud puddle and a random person. He said that often time people get stuck in the mud and don’t know how to get out. Some people are stuck on the side of the mud because they let life and their circumstances lead them the wrong way. When they don’t recognize what’s going on, they then become stuck in the middle of the mud and don’t know how to get out. Jesus said if you’ll make the decision to trust Him and agree that you can’t do this life by yourself, He’ll help you. He then showed me His arm stretched out to pull you out. He then showed me the wind blowing and the sun shining because when you first get out the mud your steps are going to be heavy. So as the wind is blowing some of that mud off and the sun drying it and it’s falling off, your steps get lighter. As you continue to walk with Him and your steps are getting lighter, you’ll face hard times but not alone. He showed me a storm with dark clouds and He said, you may have to face storms in your life but if you look ahead, you’ll see the sun on the other side of that storm. We are all familiar with the footprints in the sand poem, so he said those times when you feel like you’re not going to make it, He’s going to carry you through it. After awhile, we going to be so light and free, we going to be running for Jesus. He showed me all this to encourage myself and others to just take His hand. We may be out the mud but some of us still have specks of mud on us that needs to fall off. I pray this message is received by people and applied to their life and watch how whiter than snow they become.

(Adrienne Molden)

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