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The Prayer Garden was designed by Mike Skudin in 2002. Hedged by Loropetalums, the Garden features sidewalks and green zones with a Fountain and a Cross. The Inner Brick Wall creates the shape of an antique lock that would be opened by a skeleton key. The Cross is in the place where the key would go illustrating that the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross is the key that leads to eternal life. Over the years it has been the setting of worship events, weddings, and prayer.

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The Wedding Dress: On Sunday Morning, February 24th, 2008, before the Service began, Pastor Julian Griner noticed a couple sitting on the back row of the Church. The Woman was wearing a full white wedding gown. Pastor Griner greeted them and learned their story. Marty and Monica Busby had gotten married in St. Petersburg, FL on 2/22 at exactly 3:33pm. Driving up to Valdosta, GA they got up Sunday Morning impressed that they needed to find a Church to bless their Marriage. Driving up HWY 133, they passed a number of Churches before they felt an unction to pull into Lifespring. We brought them up during the Service and prayed over their Marriage. After the Service, Monica changed clothes and presented the Wedding Dress to the Church to be used by any Brides in the future who could not afford a Wedding Dress. Of course, they had no idea about how God lined everything up. Married on 222 at exactly 333 and being blessed by a Church with the Covenant number of 444.


For those who heard the message Wednesday Night, June 24th, this is a picture of the License Plate that was on the rental car driven by Bob Weiner when he came to Lifespring back in 2006. Given that 444 is our Covenant Number it was significant as more than 20 people were miraculously healed that night.

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