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Demons in Disguise By: The Holy Spirit and Kimberly Pena: 
They come in the alley ways and by ways. Their cover is darkness. They seek to destroy their next victim! Pain unbearable pain, sickness, and death they carry with them! They are robbers of your very soul! They steal your joy, family, friends but most important they steal your destiny! They kill your dreams as you follow them deeper and deeper in sin! Their disguises friends of the light! Their words seem kind to the tortured soul! Anger, pride, and self destruction they hold! Eternal damnation they bring with them! BEWARE of the darkness of this world! LISTEN as Jesus whispers, "Come all who are weary and heavy ladden and I will give you rest! Talk to me! I am the Lover of your soul! I restore and build up what Satan stole! It's never too late your still breathing to turn from the wickedness of your heart and return to the light! My love is everlasting! I never turn away! Come find peace in me! The darkness can not hide the child you were meant to be! Come, come, come follow me!"
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