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Daniel Mcgehee and wife Shellie Mcgehee

 Rodney Howard Brown

Freedom Fest 2013

In August of 2013, Lifespring partnered with Daniel Mcgehee and the River Church in Tampa, FL to conduct a major Tent Crusade located on property across from Sanderson Farms on HWY 133 South in Moultrie. For two weeks, a Team from the River Church worked the streets and apartment complexes in Moultrie advertising major prize giveaways to promote attendance at the Crusade. At the same time, the Team witnessed the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. During the Crusade, more than 4,000 people prayed the sinner’s prayer. On the first night, 1,700 people attended and all were fed a chicken dinner. During the week, Daniel Mcgehee preached and many received Jesus with more than 400 being baptized under the Tent. During the Crusade, two cars were given away along with 400 book bags, 12 new bicycles, and numerous Walmart gift cards. On the last night Rodney Howard Brown of the River Church in Tampa, FL came up and preached. Lifespring invested more than $20,000 to reach the Community for Jesus Christ during that two week campaign.

In October of 2013, Pastor Julian Griner partnered with Missionaries Monte and Linda Mills to preach in a Spiritual Warfare Conference at the Norwood Baptist Church in Mthatha, South Africa.

In 2008, Lifespring Community Church conducted a Medical Mission Trip to Honduras. The team consisted of Dr. David Adcock, Judy Adcock, Laura Spindola, R.N., Vicki Horne, R.N., LaDonna Tillman Pierce, R.N. Nancy Grantham, Elaine Mills, Jim Robison, Merita Robison, Jaime Huante, Interpreter, Lisa Griner and Julian Griner. Working with Pam DeMott and Such Is The Kingdom Ministries, the Team conducted daily medical clinics at Project Talitha Cumi in Honduras.

From 2002 - 2007, Lifespring conducted multiple Medical Mission Trips to Guatemala. Operating in partnership with Missionaries Ron and Mimi Coffer, we worked primarily in the Village of Velasquita located a few miles outside La Democracia, Guatemala. The Team would see approximately 1,000 patients during each of our trips. Procuring $30,000-$40,000 in free/low cost medicine from The Benevolent Division of King Pharmaceuticals in Virginia, we were able to treat patients for worms, various infections, stomach problems, high blood pressure, eye problems, and pain management. We would also provide ministry opportunities to the Village throughout our visits.

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